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Size Guide


Our Pixie Bags are a new modern and stylish design created using traditional British Hand-crafted leather techniques. Designed and Handmade in our own design workshop in England. They are the perfect bag which can be used comfortably during the day, carrying essential small items. The Pixies uniquely clean design mean it can be used as an elegant clutch bag during the evening.




Our 11-inch satchel is the perfect size to act as a small ladies handbag or even a clutch. It’s the smallest of our satchel designs and is very compact and sleek. This makes it very suitable for carrying everyday things such as your phone, purse, puffin-sized reading books, make-up, iPod, a Blackberry Playbook and generally all your everyday essentials.

The approximate satchel dimensions are 27cm wide x 20cm tall x 7.5cm deep. The front pocket measures 19cm wide x 11cm tall x 3cm deep and the main compartment gusset measures 6.5cm.




Our 12.5-inch satchel was designed to perfectly fit an iPad in the main compartment, making it a functional choice for people who choose to take their iPad everywhere. Another feature is that it’s handy for people in who own many modern gadgets as the front pocket can easily also fit all major brands of 7-inch tablet. This means you can carry your expensive tech without fear of it being damaged.

The approximate satchel dimensions are 31cm wide x 22cm tall x 9cm deep. The front pocket measures 21.5cm wide x 12.5cm tall x 3cm deep and the main compartment gusset measures 8cm.



Our 14-inch satchel perfectly fits most 13-inch laptop types. Making it ideal choice for people who need to carry them safely to school, university, work, etc. The 14-inch is also designed around the dimensions for A4 paper. This obviously makes it ideal for carrying A4 leaf and notepads, various pads, books, etc. This should appeal if you’re in education as you’re able to carry your netbook, books and A4 notes easily in one handy satchel.

The approximate satchel dimensions are 35.5cm wide x 24cm tall x 10cm deep. The front pocket measures 25.5cm wide x 15cm tall x 3cm deep and the main compartment gusset measures 9cm.


Our 15-inch satchel is similar to the 14-inch in the sense that it is designed to hold most 13-inch laptops and some A4 folders and pads, but the 15-inch has a wider gusset and a little more space all-round. This extra space inside the bag allows you too carry a lot more stuff. This satchel is perfect for students who’ve lots of books and notes to carry everyday, whilst also needing to take their Mac/iPad with them everywhere.

The approximate satchel dimensions are 38cm wide x 25cm tall x 12cm deep. The front pocket measures 25.5cm wide x 15cm tall x 3cm deep and the main compartment gusset measures 11cm.


Our 15-inch ‘Tallboy’ is the largest satchel we offer as standard and was designed with the purpose of holding most everyday laptops. We based our research on a number of main brands, such as HP, Packard Bell, Dell, Sony, Toshiba and so on. We then calculated measurements that we felt were just marginally larger than a standard laptop design. The ‘Tallboy’ is so named because it’s 2-inches taller than the standard 15-inch satchel to allow for the height of your everyday laptop and ensures it can be contained securely. The tallboy can also carry most A4 folders and ring-binders but if you use a specific brand of A4 ring-binder we do recommend asking our team to check the dimensions will fit before purchasing.

The approximate satchel dimensions are 38cm wide x 30cm tall x 10.5cm deep. The front pocket measures 25.5cm wide x 18cm tall x 3cm deep and the main compartment gusset measures 9.5cm.


GussetComparison2Our satchels are crafted with generous gusset depths, but many students find they have to carry an awfully large amount of books, as well as thier laptop and notes. So sometimes it’s handy to have an extra wide/deeper gusset. This effectively allows you to slide ‘more books’ in your satchel – not bigger books. When you order direct from our workshop, for a small charge, you can specify the depth of the gusset you require.

Displayed above we have our 5 standard sizes of satchel, but if none of those suit you them we are able to craft you a satchel in any dimensions you want. It doesn’t have to be 14″ or 15″, etc. You could have a satchel 20″ wide by 20″ tall if that’s what you need.

As you can imagine, when we craft a satchel to bespoke sizes then there are substantial extra costs. This is because the patterns and templates for cutting our standard size satchels from the hides of leather are already created and if you want a new size then we have to draw up a new pattern especially for you. If you want a quote for a bespoke size satchel then just email us with the dimensions your require for your satchel and we’ll breakdown the pricing for you.