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These products are ready-made and can be shipped to the destination quickly if needed. Quantities are Limited and are infrequently replenished. So if you see something you like and don’t want to wait then we’d recommend grabbing it as soon as you can.

Even though these products are made already we can still offer some customisations to the them, such as adjusting the strap length, adding a handle or personalising the bag with a monogram.

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  • Leather Backpacks

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  • Totes

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  • Music Bags/Cases

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  • Small Pixies

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  • Medium Pixies

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  • Festival Satchels

    Festival Satchels (6)

  • 11-inch Satchels

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  • 12.5-inch Satchels

    12.5-inch Satchels (29)

  • 14-inch Satchels

    14-inch Satchels (36)

  • 15-inch Satchels & Briefcases

    15-inch Satchels & Briefcases (4)

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