Craftsmen’s Choice


Selected by our Crafstmen for you.

After 52 years of crafting our small family-owned business want to give customers something new: Craftsmen’s Choice.

The Leather Satchel Co. was founded 52 years ago by Steven ‘Uncle Steve’ Hanshaw. From a passion for making, tinkering with leather and creating products of value that people could afford, Uncle Steve started a journey centred around crafting with new leathers, experimenting with new techniques and satisfying new needs.

Today at The Leather Satchel Co. we are doing all we can to keep these ideal’s alive. Our team make some wonderful and unique items, or sometimes make small changes to our existing products that make them look and feel that bit more special. We thought our customers would love to see these creations in all their glory, whilst giving us the chance to explain a little behind the story of each and to thank you, our amazing customers, who allow us to come in every day and do what we love so much.

Our passion is firmly at the centre of all we do. As a small, family-owned business we pay homage to our craftsmen who make these beautiful items, by hand, each and every day.

To our customers, from our craftsmen…

15-inch HD Digitally Tanned Space Case (Special Edition)

Black Music Case inspired by Space and made by The Leather Satchel Co.

If you love Space and the Music Case you will love our Special Limited Edition Space Case. This has a very special print of the Milky Way with a beautiful internal laser engraving.

Landscape Tote HD Digitally Tanned Penny Lane (Special Edition)

Penny Lane Tote Bag Design The Beatles side

Inspired by the song from the greatest band in history, the Penny Lane Tote honours the history of the legendary Beatles song. The artwork is an actual photograph we took of the street sign on the corner of Penny Lane, Liverpool — our home town.

14-inch Medium Portrait Backpack Union Jack Edition

Union Jack Leather Backpack

With this backpack, you’ll never have to compromise on your tech again nor style. Flaunt the Union Jack and show some love for British culture, with this stylish, vintage style Portrait Backpack.

16.5-inch Briefcase Satchel in Charcoal Black Inner Slip Pockets.

_PGC9831-1 copy

This is a very unique Charcoal Black 16.5-inch Briefcase Satchel with Gold Hardware. The uncluttered front panel gives it a really sharp look, and adding inner and outer slip pockets allows new functionality.

15-inch satchel in Waxy London Tan and Waxy Milk Chocolate Leather with Rear Zip

DSC_4467-1 copy

Always travelling? Worried about carrying your briefcase with your luggage? This craftsman’s choice 15-inch Briefcase Satchel with rear zipped slip pocket is just for you then.

Mini Windsor Backpack in Waxy Milk Chocolate and Charcoal Black Leather.

_PGC8811-1 copy

Fit your 13-inch laptop and A4 size books easily and carry it around comfortably. The front pocket of this beautiful backpack will also fit a mini iPad or any one of your tech devices.

12.5-inch Briefcase Satchel in Waxy London Tan Leather Camera Bag

12.5 Briefcase Satchel Camera Bag Inner

Our team is full of creatives. Many are passionate about photography and we decided to make a product we would love and needed. From this our first camera bag, made for those that share that passion.

14-inch Briefcase Satchel in Black Full Grain Buffalo Leather

14 inch Marbled Black Buffalo Leather Briefcase Satchel

This satchel is very special since it is crafted using full grain buffalo leather and is fitted with a full rear slip pocket. This gives it a unique look and feel, while making this satchel extremely durable and stylish.

Tripple Gusset Landscape Tote in Buffalo Leather

Tumbled buffalo navy tripple gusset tote top the leather satchel co

Multiple folders to carry, no worries! This Landscape Tote can carry multiple large folders, a large work laptop and those reports without breaking a sweat. It will last you for years.

Three Tone 14-inch Satchel. Ivy League Heritage Edition.


Its timeless design features were inspired by the Oxford and Cambridge leather school bag. Its popular Ivy League design has taken it up to our list of very special craftsman’s choice bags

14-inch Medium Portrait Backpack in Charcoal Black and London Tan Leather

Charcoal Black and London Tan Medium Portrait Leather Backpack front2

When you are getting ready to go back to school or back to work our Medium Portrait Backpack will give you that perfect balance. With this backpack, you’ll never have to compromise on your tech again.

16.5-inch Satchel in Premium Oak & Walnut Leather with Bolton Handle

Copy of MD-gents-2018-7384-1 copy

It has been designed to last you for years as a utility device that will not only let you carry a large amount of what you want with you but also keep them safe. This 2-tone design is sure to turn heads in your way.

HRH Mini Mini in Tumbled Buffalo Navy Blue and Grey

the leather satchel company HRH mini mini in tumbles buffalo leather

The Mini Mini is the newest addition to the leather satchel family and the second style to have the honour of being part of the Royal Family. Now you can order your own Mini Mini in your favourite colour combo

16.5-inch “Kalen” Briefcase Satchel with Double Front Pockets

_PGC0379-1 copy

We have collaborated with the fashion icon ‘Kalen Maureece Allen’ to design what has rapidly become a very popular 3 Tone Briefcase Satchel. A classic but modern briefcase design, that’s just oozing with style.