Our Craftsmanship Guarantee


when you are confident in your product, 5 years should be standard.

Many other companies flatteringly aspire to our standards of craftsmanship but if you conduct some independent research you will discover that it is only our British Leather Satchels that are hand-crafted to a standard of excellence which can warrant an extended 5-year craftsmanship guarantee.

Some people will attempt to save a few pennies by purchasing a budget replica, but in the long-term, they’ll soon discover that it’s our satchels that are better in value; simply because they are guaranteed for 5-years and with a little care they will last you a lifetime.

Please note: The extended 5-year craftsmanship guarantee is designed to cover “craftsmanship” failures on satchels only. Listed below are some typical examples of issues that are being covered by this guarantee.

Some examples of items not covered by the guarantee.

  • Leaving the satchel in a damp location and it grows mold.
  • Leather being marked by a hungry dog-chewing on it.*
  • General scratches and marks from usage.
  • Losing your satchel by carelessly leaving it on the underground train.*
  • Pigment cracking on areas of the satchel that are heavily used, like the buckles and fasteners.

* Yes, these are real-world examples of how people have tried to use the craftsmanship guarantee unsuccessfully.

The rule of thumb we use to see if the satchel is covered under this extended guarantee offer is ‘Can the satchel still be used for its purpose of carrying things in it?’ Obviously, it can’t if the strap is broken or if there’s a big hole in the bag due to the gusset not being stitched properly.

Even if your satchel isn’t covered under our 5-year guarantee scheme, all is not lost, because we do offer a full repair service too. If you need your satchel repaired then just contact our team and we’ll make arrangements for the repair work to be carried out.

Workshop tools and parts for creating leather products

Examples of items covered by the guarantee.

  • A buckle could break due to a fractured iron casting.
  • Stitching may come undone due to faulty thread tension on the lock stitches.
  • A rivet could break on the seam of the bag and the gusset could start splitting.
  • The shoulder strap could have a flay mark on the underside of the leather causing the strap to snap.

If something like this occurs then you can simply return the satchel to our workshops and our craftsmen will repair or replace the satchel as we see fit. Often we’ll even carry out repairs to a greater degree to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen again such as replacing broken straps with a strengthened version at no additional cost to yourself because there’s nothing worse than having the same problem occur twice.

The extended guarantee we offer is a return-to-base (RTB) policy but if you’re based in the UK then we can send you pre-paid address label upon request. We always pay return postage fees for satchels that are deemed to be covered by the craftsmanship guarantee scheme – even internationally!

It’s important to understand the craftsmanship guarantee doesn’t cover wear-and-tear or neglect. Leather is a natural product and it will wear. Over time, all leather will incur a patina as it’s used. Just as the cuffs and sleeves on a jacket or the edges of a leather sofa will show signs of wear then so will your satchel. If you are not a fan of aged leather then leather-care products will really help sustain the pristine condition of your satchel. Top Tip: For the best leather-care products for your specific leather then simply contact our team and we can recommended some awesome products, but don’t forget to read our leather care guide too!

To qualify for our 5-year craftsmanship guarantee you will need to complete our registration form.

Please note that you will require your receipt and/or order reference number from the shop or store where you purchased your satchel. If your bag was bought as a gift then you will have the option to tell us who gifted the item to you, so we can find your item in our system.

Completing the registration form will extend your guarantee from a standard manufacturers guarantee to the 5-year craftsmanship guarantee. The registration needs to be completed within 30-days of your purchase date – if purchased from a high-street store – or from the day you received your satchel in the post – if purchasing online. This is period is automatically extended if the item is gifted.