Colour Guide


with more than 50 colours.

Over the last 50 years we have continuously improved and increased the selection of colours which we’ve offered and now our different collections consist of more than 40 different colours. Also, we continue to add some special colours every season. It’s also important to mention that it takes approximately about 3-4 weeks to develop these colours with our tanneries. We mostly use tanneries based in the UK but sometimes we use some tanneries based offshore, such as Italy and Holland. We make sure that all the tanneries we work with follow strict guidelines to produce the highest quality products and be environmentally friendly.

The process of creating a colour is not as easy as 1, 2, and 3. It takes a lot of testing and back and forth between us and the tannery. Once we’ve decided on a colour, we create it and then send the colour to the tannery where they produce and send it back to us. We do this back and forth many times before our desired colour is met. All because we want you to find your perfect colour.

Patent Collection

Rosy Red

Pitch Black

Oxblood Red

Naked Taupe

Waxy Spickle Collection

Royal Claret

Milk Chocolate

London Tan

Greystoke Granite

English Mustard

Pastel Collection

Parma Violet

Sherbet Lemon

Candy Floss

Cloud Cream

Sugared Lime

Classic Collection

British Racing Green

Sherwood Green

Chestnut Brown

Oxford Blue

Loch Blue

Charcoal Black

Pillarbox Red

Neon Collection

Dayglow Green

Dayglow Orange

Dayglow Pink

Dayglow Yellow

Fashion Collection

Baby Blue


Rockpool Teal

Snow White

Baby Pink

Cabaret Pink

Coral Reef

Bellflower Purple


Deep Purple

Double Yellow

Tumbled Buffalo Collection

Tumbled Buffalo oak leather


Tumbled Buffalo Chestnut Leather


Tumbled Buffalo Chocolate Leather


Tumbled Buffalo black Leather


Tumbled Buffalo Grey Leather


Tumbled Buffalo Navy Leather


Marbled Buffalo Collection

Marbled Buffalo Oak Leather


Marbled Buffalo Chocolate Leather


Marbled Buffalo Black Leather


Marbled Buffalo Navy Leather


Marbled Buffalo Grey Leather


Marbled Buffalo Moon Rock Leather

Moon Rock

The colours represented above have been produced electronically as accurately as possible. Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours from screen to screen. Colours may also moderate from different batches of leather.

Sometimes a detailed photo is just not enough, right? We got you covered!

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