Customisation Guide


Personalising your bag now is as easy as 1,2,3!


First, let’s select the perfect leather bag for you. We have a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from.

Let's look at colours now

Take a peek at our colour guide and choose your colour.

If you’re uncertain as to which type of leather you’d prefer, we can send you swatches so you can see them in real-life, as the colours can differ quite significantly depending upon the monitor you are using. You can choose up to 10 different leather colours to receive. You will receive a £10 voucher code upon ordering so all you will really pay for is postage!

Simply contact us with a list of leathers you’d like to receive, along with the name and address of where you’d like them to be sent. However, please bear in mind that this will slow down the ordering process a little as our swatches are sent out using Royal Mail First Class & Royal Mail International Economy.


Finally let's personalise your bag!

Once you’ve chosen your ideal size, style and the leather colour that you want your bag to be crafted from, you need to decide if you would like your bag customised! Customisations are one of the main benefits of ordering directly from our workshop. We have listed below some of the customisations that our craftsmen regularly incorporate into our bags along with some example pricing.



We offer monogramming in Silver-leaf, Gold-leaf, or Blind.

For the cost of £10 up-to eight characters/letters can be embossed – with or without abbreviated periods. Each additional character simply costs £2 extra. There’s a maximum number of characters that can be embossed onto our bag and this depends mostly on the style you have selected.

The character amount depends on the width of the letters (e.g. a ‘W’ is much wider than an ‘i’.) Please feel free to contact us if you want us to verify if something will fit using this option. Alternatively, if something doesn’t fit or you’d like something completely different then consider our bespoke monogramming service.

We can emboss with uppercase, lowercase or a mix of cases, but we do not have superscript or subscript characters. We have punctuation marks and some special characters like ampersand (&) and hyphen (-) but very few characters with accents. The font we use for standard monogramming is ‘Edinburgh’ in point size 30. If you need a special font or a mix of special characters then consider our bespoke monogramming service.

Bespoke Monogramming

If you’d like more letters, different fonts, weird and wonderful characters (Sanscript, Cyrillic, etc.), your full name, a favourite quote or saying, or want to emboss a design, symbol or company logo on the bag then we can cater for all of these options and more.

Our tool-makers can craft special brass tools with your exact design with very fine detail, approximately up to a resolution equivalent to 300 dpi. This allows us to emboss the design (Logo, Custom text, Signature, etc.) on to the bag in either Gold-leaf, Silver-leaf, or Blind. We can also offer laser engraving into the leather any design or text you require. Uniquely, laser engraving can also be applied to the reverse of the leather, enabling you to have a message or quote to read every time you open your bag.

The price for our custom monogramming service starts at £35.



Many people find it convenient to have a handle added to the top of their bag. The handle allows you to pick up the bag off the ground easily.

The briefcase handle customisation can be added to any satchel larger than 11″,  although it’s normally added to satchels that are 14″ or larger satchels. The cost of this customisation is £20, but please be aware that when the briefcase handle customisation is added then the top of the satchel becomes flat instead of a smooth curve and therefore reduces the height of the satchel slightly, usually by about 1 to 2 cm depending upon the size of the satchel – this can be clearly seen in the example photos.

The bolt-on handle can be fitted to most bags, except a tote and it costs £10. It can also be retrofitted, meaning we can add them to your bag even after they have been made, should you decide later on that you would like one fitted.


Normally when we fit a handle then it is accompanied by a shoulder strap that has been made detachable by the addition of some trigger hooks. This enables a satchel to be used as a handle-only briefcase, or pixies and sporrans to be used like a clutch. If you are having a handle fitted afterwards, but you would like your fixed strap changed to a detachable strap then please ensure to request it because the work won’t be undertaken as standard, and vice-versa, if you would prefer the bag to have a fixed strap instead of a detachable one then please let us know when you order your bag.

Shoulder Strap

Model (41)

All our satchels come with a fully adjustable shoulder strap as standard. The straps on smaller bags (less than 14-inch in width) are 38-inches in length and 46-inches long on the larger satchels.

Standard shoulder straps are designed to fit people sized between 5’6” (168cm) to 5’10” (178cm) and come with a great deal of adjustability meaning they will generally fit people sized 5’3” to 6’1” of average build. If you have chosen backpack straps then we will also adjust the backpack straps accordingly for your size.

People of taller and broader stature often find a longer shoulder strap useful or if you want to wear it across the body, instead of off-the-shoulder as it’s usually worn.

On the other hand, if you are particularly small, or if the bag is for a child then we can also shorten the straps for you. Alternatively, we can add extra holes in the strap, (we then add a special strap keeper to keep the longer strap in place.) All straps can be replaced at a later date if you think a child would like a longer strap later on.

For simplicity, all strap adjustments cost £10.

Shoulder Pad

If you predict the contents of your bag are going to be heavy then you may want to help spread the weight on your shoulder by using a shoulder strap pad. For £10 we will craft you a matching shoulder pad (or contrasting, if that’s what you’d prefer!) The shoulder pad is removable and slips over the shoulder strap. The shoulder pad can be added on to our 19 mm wide strap and our 25 mm wide strap. The shoulder pad is a little curved so that it fits comfortably over your shoulder. It is lined with suede to help cushion the downward force on your shoulder. We recommend this especially for students who are going to carry a lot of heavy textbooks. The shoulder pad gives you that added comfort while being a wonderful fashion accessory on your bag.

shoulder pad

Shoulder Strap Width

strap width

We offer two types of standard shoulder straps which are either 3/4″ (19 mm) or 1″ (25 mm) depending upon the bag, but we can boost this up to a 1 5/8″ (37 mm) which really helps in spreading the weight of the bag on your shoulder. Ideally suited to people who carry their bag a lot whilst commuting or traveling around town. We recommend adding these wider shoulder straps to our products that are large in size such as our 14″, 15″, 16.5″, 18.5″, backpacks, etc.

Gusset Depth Altering

Our bags are crafted with generous gusset depths, but many students find they have to carry an awfully large amount of books, as well as their laptop and notebooks and office workers find they are carrying all manner of things in their bags. Sometimes it can be very useful to have an extra wide/deeper gusset. This effectively allows you to slide ‘more books’ in your bag – not bigger books.

We also offer bespoke gusset sizes; the smallest gusset starts at just 3 cm (nice and slim if you just want to slide in a laptop or a few notepads) up to a maximum of 42% of the satchel width. But we recommend gussets generally measure one-third of the bag width. For example, a 15″ satchel would have a gusset measuring 5″.

A small fee of £15 allows you to boost the depth of the gusset by an inch.


Buckles or Magnetic Fasteners

The traditional satchel has always had double sided buckles to fasten its flap. There is an art to opening them, and a regular satchel user knows just how to get their satchel open in a couple of seconds. Buckles help as a deterrent to thieves also! But no matter how good traditional buckles can be, they are definitely slower for access. For £25 we can modify your satchel so it still looks like it has traditional buckles but it is actually fitted with discrete magnetic fasteners hidden underneath the traditional buckles.

There’s also the option for you to choose a single buckle or a single magnetic fastener. This option actually depends on your personal preference and style.

Single and double magnetic fasteners.

Backpack Straps

satchel backpack straps

Backpack straps allow the satchel to be worn on the back. When fitting backpack straps we usually still fit a shoulder strap but make it interchangeable with the backpack straps so you can choose what carrying method will suit you best. If you would prefer we didn’t do this then please be sure to request ‘Backpack Straps Only’, otherwise you will get both.

They’re ideal for cyclists and smaller children who carry a lot of heavy books to school but may not have the strength or stamina to carry them on just one shoulder. Starts at just £25 to upgrade the strapping to interchangeable backpack straps and shoulder straps.

Gold Hardware

Our products come standard with silver coloured hardware. But you have the option to change these to gold coloured hardware if you so wish to. We can add gold hardware on most of our products except on our Music Cases. You can have this customisation added to your bag for £10 extra. We know that some of you love gold so with this personalisation you can add that little touch of gold to your favourite leather bag.

Gold hardware upgrade on your leather product by The Leather Satchel Co.

Full Inner Slip Pocket

The full inner slip pocket is a great customisation which you can have added to your new leather bag when you need a little more space to have your things organised. Depending on the size of your leather bag, the full inner slip pocket could even keep your precious laptop safely inside.

The full inner slip pocket is available in most of our medium to large handcrafted leather products. Check in the customisation options on our made-to-order products to find out if you can have this added to your favourite design.

Rear Outer Slip Pocket

A beautiful feature that many of our wonderful customers found useful on our Pixie was the rear outer slip pocket which it had. This would let you easily store your cell phone or other items, which you would like to have quick access to, safely tucked away in there.

Now you can have this beautiful and useful rear outer slip pocket added on to your fovourite leather bag and safely carry your favourite items and have quick access to them when ever you need them.

Are you feeling creative?

This website has some examples of what we make – most of the standard shapes and colours and you can order some standard customisations with those simply using the website – but if you can’t find what you are looking for then that doesn’t mean we can’t make it for you.

We can make anything you want.

Once you’ve decided upon what you want then all you have to do is send us an email to telling us the following:

  1. Style and size of the bag (eg. 15″ Classic Satchel)
  2. Chosen Customisations (eg. Briefcase Handle, Interchangeable Straps, Magnetics)
  3. The colour(s) or the reference to your chosen design (eg. SS16-001), or a photo/scan of the preferred custom colour or design of your own choosing.
  4. Shipping Address (including name and phone number of the addressee.)
  5. Optional: If required by a specific date, then please give us notice of that date.

Once you’ve sent your requirements to and we’ve received your order we’ll then confirm your order by return email. We’ll also send you an electronic invoice that you can pay securely using your credit or debit card. If you don’t want to pay online using a credit card then we also accept payment by Bank Transfer or Cleared Cheque.

Most invoices are sent within 24 hours but please allow up to 48 hours for us to check your order and to send you the invoice for the custom satchel.