Meet The Team

Meet The Team - The Hanshaws family business is comprised of around thirty members who make it all happen.


Steven 'Uncle Steve' Hanshaw


This master craftsman is disarming, charming and unbelievably courageous (he humbly says his bravery is just stupidity for not knowing better!) He started working with leather as just a boy and founded the business back in the 1960s. Uncle Steve has demonstrated to the rest of the family an incredible example of leadership in growing the business and showing how to diversify into other product areas.

Steven Hanshaw is supposed to be retired, but his tireless work ethic means that he still runs a small leather craft workshop in Invermoriston, located in the highlands of Scotland on the edge of Loch Ness, that makes rustic Celtic-style handcrafted leather goods and supplies the local tourism market with authentic, locally crafted souvenirs.

Keith 'Zzz' Hanshaw

Managing Director

Keith is the eldest nephew of Steve Hanshaw. He has followed in the steps of his uncle and started working in the family business at the age of just 14. He began working Saturday’s and between school terms and eventually began his apprenticeship, after leaving school at age 16, to the dismay of his mother, who wanted him to study Fine Art at the University of Liverpool because he simply loved to make things and idolised his uncles. He is now a Master Craftsman.

After spending a little time learning new trades during the late 1990s and early 2000s (focusing on digital design, online marketing and branding) he returned to the business with an armoury of new skills and has tirelessly worked his way from the role of Creative Director (in charge of digital marketing) through the ranks to Managing Director.

Gail 'Red' Hanshaw

The 'Real' Boss

Everyone (except Keith) will agree that Gail is the better half of the directorship team. She keeps the company balanced with her firmly grounded advice and frugal budgeting.

Apart from taking a major role in the day-to-day business decisions Gail also likes to get involved in absolutely everything and enjoys keeping the culture of the company feeling heart-felt and family orientated.

She loves meeting clients at exhibitions and shows whilst being a little OCD and loves to see our showroom and workshops all spic-and-span.


A passionate folk musician who plays flute, tin whistle, acoustic guitar and bodhran!


A keen artist who loves food and drink, but was also previously an enthusiastic cyclist and martial artist, now prefers to play a nice game cards or chess.


Enjoys watching a great movie, especially if they’re a Thriller, Fantasy or Sci-fi. Particularly likes to visit new and exiting places, whether it be for an exhibition or trade show or a day trip out with the family. One of her favourite pastimes is spending time with her children, getting to know them before they grow old, especially playing games with them.


Paul 'Snappy' Cobon

Operations Manager

Paul assists the Managing Director with the day-to-day running of the business, ensuring that everything ‘operational’ runs smoothly and without a hiccup. Making decisions on behalf of the MD when he’s not around to handle them himself.

Shamsur 'Shams' Rahman

Financial Control

Shamsur manages all the finances for the business; balancing the books and makes payments to suppliers.

He also assists the Managing Director with all the business administration and paperwork.

Mike 'The Tiger' Holmes

Business Strategy

Mike was previously the MD of Mont Blanc and was also involved in the turn-around of Brillo (Jeyes) and now uses that experience to help troubleshoot any challenges our business encounters.


In his spare time, Paul is usually found playing guitar or piano, taking photos, or building something out of wood. He believes that everyone should learn how to play an instrument or make something from wood or leather as it means that you don't have any time left to be stressed.


Gin and Bitter Lemon, Gin and Tonic or just Gin on it’s own. Oh… and she adores cats; she part of a secretive organisation whose goal is to take over the world by posting pictures of cute kittens all over the Internet!


Mike is family man who is interested in the environment and animal welfare. When not being an eco-warrior he enjoys sailing and hitting a small white ball into a really small hole in the middle of field - eighteen times on the run - over the duration of about 4 hours. He's plays it at a club where the people there have called this strange sport 'Golf'.

Jason 'Jase' Alexander


Jason is obsessed with all things digital. If you are interacting with us on a screen he is probably working to make it an even better experience.

Mike 'Drewy' Drew


Mike, originally from Liverpool and long-time friend of the family, works closely with the Managing Director focusing his energy on the commercial development of the company with a huge passion for the brand.

He is currently focusing on developing our availability in the USA and is operating out of our office in Florida, USA.


Jason is an Apple Fanboy, he has tiny little Apples going through his veins. When not working on exciting digital projects, you will almost always find him at premiers of DC Comic movies or listening to audio books, and reading The Verge on a daily basis.


Mike is currently busy planning for a very exciting event in his life, our la' is getting married! Mike is a big fan of Pizza and loves to live life to the full, if you see him, ask him about the time he jumped out of a plane.


Tom 'Doc' Docherty

Wholesale Logistics Executive

Tom started with us at the tender age of 17 as an apprentice and has since gone onto further education to learn more about his profession.

Tom is in charge of everything to do with the wholesale side of the business. He ensures all orders are accurate, quality checked and perfectly packaged before leaving our workshops.

Daniel 'Geforce' Garforth

Tailored Accounts

Dan is the man who oversees all custom and bespoke orders. If you’ve placed an order with us directly then he’s the man ensuring all your items are made according to your exact specification, on schedule and dispatched speedily to you.


If there’s a band playing in a pub, a gig on at a local venue or a huge music festival then that is where you’ll find Tom. He loves spending times with his brothers and sisters, and has recently took up cycling – participating in charity events to raise money for local


Dan is a newly-wed who has a guilty secret… he loves junk food (don’t we all though?) He’s also a huge gamer – if a big computer game has launched then Dan is the man who is 10 levels ahead of you or has already completed the end level and is already playing the next ‘Big Thing’ before it’s been launched to the public