Is your bag Genuine?

Over the 50 years we have been hand crafting our leather bags we have been approached by concerned people who have asked us if they have in fact bought a genuine “The Leather Satchel Co” bag.

Sadly it is has become a lot more frequent that we find people have been sold a counterfeit version of our bags. We know that there is a factory in China making direct replicas of our bags and although we find that flattering and we are happy that people love the styling and signature details of our bags. We are sad when the ethics and values of the company (what makes our “workshop family” proud to work every day crafting your bags) aren’t being followed.

Just some of our values

“We are 100% British made in our Liverpool Workshop by our locally trained workshop staff.”
“We only use 100% ethically sourced cow hide leather from within the UK and EU.”
“We treat customers as though they are family”

Our ethics are at the heart of what we do and are more important than simply making money.
Our values and beliefs have been chosen and voted for by the the entire workshop team and have not been created by a marketing company.

What if I have a counterfeit bag?

If you have unfortunately bought a counterfeit bag, we wont be able to register you for the 5 year guarantee. We wont be able to carry out any repairs, even if you offer to pay for them and yes that includes repairing other famous brands of satchel (we get asked to do this on a daily basis ). This is because any other bag will not be made from the same quality of materials and crafted to the same standard as our own. We couldn’t guarantee the quality of the repair and the fault will almost certainly happen again.

Tips for spotting a counterfeit bag

It is very easy for our good selves to spot a counterfeit bag from a mile away, this can be done just by looking at the stitching quality and length, the quality of the leather etc, how the leather is cut,  the list is virtually endless to the trained eye.

We do have a few ways that the untrained eye can spot a fake ” The Leather Satchel Co” bag.

We currently don’t sell any of our bags on Ebay or Amazon and non of our stockists do either. Unless the bag is second hand you can assume that those products are counterfeit.

The inside of our bags have an embossed foil as shown below:


The back of our bags will have the following emboss:

Rear Detail

Our bags come with the following dust bag:


Contact Us

You can always contact us via emailing to team(@) or via social media, if you have any queries regarding a purchase of one of our bags. We would be very glad to help 🙂

#TLSC Team

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