Bespoke Gift Voucher


Bespoke Gift Voucher


There are more than a million different ways to say “I love you!” and just over a billion ways to show you love someone with a beautiful handcrafted bespoke leather bag. So it can be overwhelming to select the perfect bag for your perfect love.

This is a brand new type of gift voucher. It provides complete flexibility – because the value is automatically adjusted to the value of the item that the receiver chooses for themselves. Saving you from the problematic decision of choosing the ‘right’ amount to gift. Now the one you love isn’t restricted by the value on the gift card, because it automatically adjusts to how much you love them — it’s unlimited.

Why not take the effort out of your decision making and give the perfect gift? A beautiful experience of having a bespoke leather bag made especially for your loved one to his/her own specific choosing! During this month of love, take advantage of this limited time offer and give the perfect gift for that special someone.

  • Physically printed voucher / Digital voucher (You can choose)
  • Sent to your shipping by expedited courier or recorded delivery, usually over-night UK, or 2-5 days internationally.
  • Exquisitely printed on a heavy vellum style paper with a beautifully embossed border giving a luxurious feel.

The bespoke gift voucher is the perfect gift you can give your loved one as a token of your love.  This is not your everyday standard gift voucher where the giftee has to pitch in to get exactly what they want, after all, that wouldn’t be such a special gift.

Use our bespoke gift vouchers to ensure you don’t just give another thoughtless gift, but to give a completely new experience of getting the perfect handcrafted leather bag built to their exact liking. You may ask how does this work? It is really very simple. We take away all the guessing you have to do so that your loved one gets exactly what s/he wants.

Step 1: Purchase the bespoke gift card.

Step 2: Give it to your special someone.

Step 3: They can log on to our site and build the bag of their dreams.

Step 4: We send you a personalised link to complete the gift (the £10 value will be discounted from the final price).

Step 5: One of our master craftsmen will personally take upon building this bag from start to the finish and deliver it to your loved one, gift wrapped.

The Bespoke Gift Voucher will automatically know it is for a bespoke purchase and will discount the total from the basket, allowing the order to be placed simply, neatly and quickly.

You are sure to give the perfect gift every time. Do not miss out this limited time experience during the month of love. If you have any further questions, use our chat and we will be more than happy to assist you.



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