Favourite Things

Brown paper packages tied up with string.

You know the song, everyone does, it’s one of the most covered Rodgers and Hammerstein songs ever! This is the place where you’re going to keep all those things you like, be it “Brown Paper Packages all tied up with String” or whether it’s “Satchels, Backpacks and The Internet Of Things.”

As you browse our products, you will stumble across something you like. When you do, simply use the “♥ ADD TO MY FAVOURITE THINGS” option on the product page. This will add the product to your favourite’s things list; your favourite’s list is private; this means that only you and us can view that listing of things.


The benefits of having a few favourite things.

There are two main benefits to adding lots of items you like to your favourites:-

  • Firstly, if the product goes on sale then you will receive a notification telling you, so you don’t miss out.
  • Secondly, if we notice that a handful of people have the same item added to their favourite’s list then we can make a small batch of them for stock. The real benefit here is that making a small batch of items is much more cost effective than making a single item. So, if you have the item on your favourites you’ll also receive a special voucher code giving you a discount off the item. Oh.. and there’s no obligation for you to buy the item either. That’s neat, isn’t it?