Festival Satchel Colourway - Flap
Festival Satchel Colourway - Flap

    Festival Satchel Colourway - Flap

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    To change the colour of your Festival satchels flap simply choose which colour you would like from the drop down and then add this product to your cart. 

    The main colour is chosen above from the swatch variants on the product page and will go where the white is on the example sketch. The secondary colour you choose here will go where all of the grey areas are marked on the example sketches. 

    Please note that any handles, shoulder pads or additional strapping will be made in the secondary colour unless specified otherwise.

    Soon after you have ordered a custom colourway you will receive a sketch via email so that you can verify the design before it is made and make any adjustments if needed. r

    If you would like to make an adjustment to the colourway or if you have any queries please get in touch with us via email (team@leathersatchel.com).