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Over the last 50+ years, we have tested and developed different designs and styles. We have worked hard with our master craftsmen to refine the way our products are created and brought together to ensure they last longer and age even better. Our customers have various needs, and those needs come in many different shapes, sizes and orientations. Over that time we have developed more than 36 different unique styles to fit those needs. We continue that journey today and we look forward to releasing more styles to the world.



We have continuously improved and increased the selection of colours which we offer and now our different collections consist of more than 40 different colours. Also, we continue to add some special colours every season. When trying to understand the process of creating leather colours, it’s important to mention that it takes approximately about 3-4 weeks to develop each colour with our tanneries. We mostly use tanneries based in the UK and sometimes we use some tanneries based offshore, such as northern Italy and Holland. We carefully make sure that all the tanneries we work with follow strict guidelines to produce the highest quality products and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

If you are looking for ideas and different ways in which you can personalize your bag then you don’t need to look any further than our customisation guide. Our customisation guide allows you to go from selecting your style, leather colours, and extras that will give your selected bag some additional functions, uses and different levels of personalisations.


Customisations can vary from product to product. You may want to make the bag bigger or perhaps you would like it to be made from a stylish blend of three different types of leather and stitched in your favourite shade of blue – we can do it.

Need something totally bespoke?

If you look through entire site and you still can not find what you are looking for then just send us an email with what you are looking for, chances are our master craftsmen can do it.

One more thing

Start designing your own bag with The Leather Satchel Co. Design Tool.

As some of you may know we are also quietly working away on design tool. You will soon be able to design your entire bag online. You will see what it will look in our 36 styles and 42 colours (soon to be 46) and we will make it specially, uniquely for you!

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