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Not sure what colour to choose from? We can help you with that. We understand that sometimes you just need to see the colours for yourself and in person. We know that many customers ask about what makes the waxy spickles waxy, the premium leather premium and now about our new mirrored finished collection. This is your chance to find out.

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  • Choose from 46 colours
  • Up to 10 leather colours per order

View our complete colour range of leathers in the complete description to help you decide which colours to choose from.

Leather Swatches

Please choose the colour swatches you are after. You can select up to 10. If you select more than 10 we will then need select 10 of those at random.

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Our leather bags are made using ethically sourced high-quality leather that will last you for a lifetime. We offer a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee with all our leather products and with proper care you are looking at your bag lasting for generations. So it is more important than ever to select the right colour to fit your lifestyle. To help you with this decision we have done our level best to digitally recreate all the leather colours that we offer in our colour guide, but depending on the type of screen and the colour temperature of the screen you are viewing these colours on, they can change considerably.

Also, we understand that sometimes you will need to touch and feel the texture of the leather and hold it in your hands to really feel the quality of the leather that we use but it is impossible for us to recreate this experience digitally, at least not for now! So we came up with leather swatches. These swatches are cut from the same leather which your bag is going to be made so you can be sure as to the exact colour of your bag even before you order it.

In this section below, we speak a little bit about our different collections to help you along with your decision.

These are our premium leather colours. We began this collection with just three colours and now due to its popularity, we have grown this collection to six colours. Our premium leathers are between 2.8 – 3mm in thickness and is 100% grain leather making them really strong. Also, our premium leathers are a very different from the rest of our leather collections and feature a pull-up finish (often referred to as an oiled leather) that helps represent the natural grain of leather whilst trying to keep the finish and surface relatively uniform.

One of our customer favourites is the patent collection. Our Patent features a high gloss finish which sits on top of the pigmented colour layer. This gloss layer is unlikely to split or crack due to its unique formulation. This gives the leather a unique luxury look whilst also serving to protect the leather and making it very durable and easy to clean.

Waxy spickle leather like the name suggests has a special coating of wax impregnated into the colour layer itself. This makes the leather highly weather resistant while giving the leather colour a unique look and feel. Ever since its introduction, our customers have loved it and we have been working on increasing the collection by adding new colours.

For everyone who is bold, bright and beautiful we have this special line of neon colours.

Our Neon, Pastel, Classic and Modern leather collections are all very similar to each other since all of them are made from 100% grain leather and are between 2.6 – 2.8mm in thickness. They differ in the pigmented colour layer between the collections.

To learn more about the different leather collection we have please refer to our Leather Guide. And remember that you can order up to 10 swatch colours and that you will receive a coupon code with the value of the swatches which you can apply to your purchase.

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