The New Mini Windsors

Why the Windsors?

How our Mini-Windsor Backpack got its name

Lady Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry

Over the last 50-years, our family company supplied many schools and organisations with various styles of carry-goods (Classic Satchels, Backpacks and the likes.) but each style was never named (they simply had technical SKU codes) because we dealt mainly business-to-business.

Over the last 10-years, we’ve started dealing more directly with our end-clients (the lovely people who wear and use our goods every day) so we thought it only ‘proper’ to give each bag style a name.

We decided that the ‘Windsor’ name was to be used for a very similar style of bag that Lady Diana chose for Prince William when he was in school himself.

Made in Britain

or perhaps even better... Made in Liverpool

In June 2018, the City of Liverpool hosted the International Business Festival to which Prince William is the Patron.

The festival organisers wanted to present the future King with a gift of thanks for his support. Something that represented the city as a whole, (its heritage, tenacity and charm.)

So, the Chairman of Liverpool Vision, Max Steinberg, contacted us personally to suggest we make something very special for the Prince’s three children; George, Charlotte and Louis.

We already had a bag called the Mini Windsor, so it simply fell into place that this existing bag style would be used, but we’d style each bag to suit each ‘Mini-Windsor’ individually.

Prince George’s was styled in Loch Blue body with Pillarbox Red trim. Princess Charlotte’s in two complementary shades of Pink; Candy Floss and Baby Pink and then stitched in a specially selected contrasting pink stitch. Whilst Prince Louis’ backpack was created in a very traditional combination of classic brown’s; London Tan and Milk Chocolate.

Crafting a Windsor Backpack
Stitching a Leather Backpack
Making Leather Handles
Adding Finishing Touches to the Backpack

Really Fabulous

Prince William thinks the backpacks are "Beautifully Made"

Prince William admiring the Backpacks

During the Prince’s visit to Liverpool Keith + Gail Hanshaw had the surprise opportunity to present the handmade backpacks to the Prince himself.

The Prince genuinely appeared to brighten upon seeing the bags and was very interested in them. He commented how “Really Fabulous” and “Beautifully Made” the backpacks were and asked a number of questions around the history of the business and seemed thrilled that the company behind them was a 50-year old local family business.

The Prince jested with Keith Hanshaw about how Harry Potter had really helped with the resurgence of leather satchels and backpacks after they had almost passed into extinction during the 1980s & the 1990s ~ when The Leather Satchel Company was the only classic satchel-maker left in England.

Prince William even passed comment about how he would be unable to get the pink backpack off Princess Charlotte because she is “going to be obsessed with it” after the prince also revealed how pink is the princesses favourite colour.

Prince George is often seen wearing blue shorts with red accent shirts on days out with the family and his school colours (Thomas’s School, Battersea) are also Navy Blue with Red trim – Prince William commented on how he thought young George’s leather backpack was very smart and said “he’s going to love that!”

The Family of Cambridges