welcome to our new premium Leather Range

We would love to introduce the new premium leather range to our loyal satchel Co family.
We have three new colours in our top grain leather, this leather is not buffed smooth like our usual leathers, so it shows the true characteristics of the animals skin which will show the grain of the leather and any natural marks, scars. Also this leather is Aniline pull up dyed which means its specifically dyed to enhance its natural finish and not hide it. where as our standard leathers are chrome dyed during the tanning process. The colours from left to right are Ebony, Oak and Walnut. Please let us know what you think.

8 thoughts on “welcome to our new premium Leather Range

  1. They can be ordered now through email but they will be on our website in the next few days 🙂

  2. They are more expensive but I honestly have to say because the leather is of the highest quality its actually a steal 🙂 I do have to say because the leather is so thick and its heavy we are including a shoulder pad as standard with every premium leather satchel.

  3. Absolutely beautiful – my custom made satchel gets comments where ever I go and I always tell others it was made by you clever people. Need to get saving to invest in a new one for summer now me thinks.

  4. We have got 2 of your satchels in our house and the one my daughter has for school is regularly called ‘the coolest bag in school’. We love the quality and range of colours and see these new premium leathers are a great addition to the range. Keep them coming as we love to see what is next.

  5. So good to see another UK company producing top quality goods actually made in the UK. You should be very proud of these lovely bags as they are all works of art – a couple of our staff have them and they do look really good. I can see these new premium leathers being very popular for mens satchels – the quality looks more like a Mulberry.

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