We have over 40 different leathers for you choose from and 7 different leather backpacks. Additionally, our leather experts can tweak and customise all of our leather backpacks to meet your needs.

Our Small Portrait Backpacks and Junior Windsor Backpacks are ideal sizes for people who like small backpacks, or have petite frames, but also particularly well suited to children. If you are intending to purchase for a small child then please consider having one of our team craft some smaller straps especially for them.

Are you aware that your leather backpack can be personalised with your initials? You also have a choice of having them in Gold-leaf, silver-leaf or Blind (debossed) into the leather of the bag! It’s a great idea for gifting, so why not have a read of our customisation guide?

Leather Backpack Tips

If you are one of those people who generally carries a lot of ‘stuff’ then you should seriously consider buying yourself a leather backpack. They are much better for your spine because they evenly spread the load on your back and shoulders.

If you’re usually backpacking your devices, files or general equipment to work or university then psychologically, you will discover that a backpack that has been handmade from leather will impart much smarter and professional impression than a PVC backpack ~ and especially if it has been hand-made by our team of crafts-people! ☺

Some Interesting Facts

Did you know, just like our leather satchels, the leather backpack, has it’s origin back in Roman Times? The Sarcina was an early marching pack worn by Roman legionnaires! Before 1910 the term ‘backpack’ wasn’t used, instead, we actually referred to them as knapsacks!

14-inch Portrait Backpack Collection (2)

Medium Leather Backpack (Portrait)


14 Inch Portrait Vintage Backpack (Union Jack Edition)