Music Bag / Cases

13-inch Music Cases

After the popularity of the larger 15-inch Music Case design, our craftsmen went back to the drawing board to design a compact version of this loved design where they came up with the 13-inch Music Case. The 13-inch Music Case’s compact design makes it easier to be used as an everyday bag and its surprisingly spacious interior could even fit a 13-inch MacBook Pro quite snuggly. The sumptuous leather stretches to accommodate all your everyday items in this beautiful bag.

A commonly requested customization with the 13-inch Music Case is the 25mm volume boost. This can be added to your for just $30. The volume boost comes very handily if you would like to squeeze in a few more items into the Music Case. The volume boost is perfect for students because it will give you the additional space to carry your laptop and a few extra books. With the added volume to the music case, we also recommend that you opt for the shoulder pad which will certainly make your long commutes more comfortable.

15-inch Music Cases

The 15-inch Music Case was designed to provide a spacious, stylish and comfortable leather bag for everyday use to go to work or school. The Music Case has a strap fastener with a metal music bar that is unique to its category. The Music Case can be worn comfortably as a crossbody bag, a shoulder bag or carried by its single handle. It is designed in such a way that the music case stays balanced when carried by its single handle.

A great option to have with the 15-inch Music Case is a full inner slip pocket. The full inner slip pocket can be added to the inner backside of the main compartment for just $50. This is a great option to have if you would like to carry your laptop or keep some of your important documents safely stored inside your music case. The rich leather will stretch to provide a snug fit to the contents you carry in the slip pocket with time.