Color Guide

with more than 50 colors

We love our Colors! We typically have around 40 different leather colors available, in a palette which we have carefully expanded over the past 50 years or so, from traditional blacks and browns right through to more unusual shades like boysenberry and sugared lime.

Each color we stock is only added to the range after a long process of development, in conjunction with our tanneries, to ensure that it is the perfect shade to show off the beauty of the high quality, ethical leather that we use. We want our customers to own a bag that they can be truly proud to wear and, to us, having a large selection of colors is a vital part of achieving that goal.

The process begins with numerous images and color charts from which we decide upon the color that we want to create. Our tanneries in the UK and Europe then produce samples for us which we tweak and change during a back and forth process, which often takes many months, until we have the perfect shade and tone that we are looking for. We only ever work with tanneries who share our passion and that we know follow strict guidelines, using materials of the very highest quality and who work in an environmentally friendly manner.

We also often have limited edition colors available, and once they are gone they’re gone, so please keep an eye on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Waxy Spickle Collection

Royal Claret
Milk Chocolate
London Tan
English Mustard
Greystoke Granite

Patent Collection

Naked Taupe
Rosy Red
Oxblood Red
Pitch Black

Pastel Collection

Parma Violet
Sugared Lime
Cloud Cream
Candy Floss
Sherbet Lemon

Classic Collection

British Racing Green
Sherwood Green
Oxford Blue
Loch Blue
Charcoal Black
Chestnut Brown
Pillarbox Red

Dayglow Collection


Fashion Collection

Baby Pink
Cabaret Pink
Bellflower Purple
Deep Purple
Coral Reef
Double Yellow
Rockpool Teal
Baby Blue
Fresh Mint
Snow White

The colors as shown in this guide have been produced with the greatest care, but as you will probably be aware color reproduction can vary widely depending upon the device being used to view these images. We understand that sometimes an image is simply not enough when trying to make a decision, and as a result, we are able to offer samples of our leathers which you can use to select the perfect color. You will be able to smell and feel the quality of the leathers that we use and see the vibrancy of the real color. You can order leather samples by following the link below so that you can be sure that you are making the right choice.