Saddlebags / Sporrans

Medium Bullring Saddlebag

The Medium Bullring Saddlebag is a great stylish alternative to our medium sporran. Its long front flap gives this saddle bag a clean stylish look that is reminiscent of a traditional saddlebag. The bullring closure gives the saddlebag a unique look and a very secure closure. Though the medium saddlebag looks like a small bag it has a surprisingly spacious interior making it a great daily bag. The Medium Bullring Saddlebag is also very comfortable to wear as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag by its long adjustable shoulder strap.

Customize the Medium Bullring Saddlebag with a bolt-on handle, for $20, to give it added functionality. Its size makes it perfect to be used as a handbag and carry it by the handle. Add to its beauty by getting the gold-colored hardware. The gold-colored bullring will complement the overall look of the saddlebag.

Medium Sporrans

Our Medium Sporran is an iteration of the traditional Scottish bag that is meant to have the function of a pocket. It is a great crossbody bag that will not encumber the wearer when going about their day to day activities. The Medium Sporran can also be used in those formal events. The adjustable shoulder strap of the medium sporran lets you wear it comfortably as an over the shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

The Medium Sporran is often customized with a bolt-on handle that can be added for $20. The small form factor of the medium sporran makes it a great bag to be used by the bolt-on handle making it a lovely handbag. The single main compartment can be easily accessed by popping open the single hidden magnetic fastener. However, if you would like a more secure closure you can always opt for our traditional classic buckle fastener with the Medium Sporran.

Large Sporrans

The Medium Sporran’s traditional design made it a popular choice amongst many. However, after listening to feedback our craftsmen went back to on the drawing board to design a larger sporran. Hence the creation of the Large Sporran to help accommodate more things in this great design. Our craftsmen were careful enough to make sure the sporran isn’t too large that it would lose its traditional essence.  

The Large Sporran comes standard with a long adjustable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to wear the large sporran as a lovely shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. It is best when combined with a bolt-on handle that can be added for $20. Though it is a large leather bag, it still can be used as a great handbag making it a wonderful multifunctional day to day bag.

Extra Large Sporrans

The Extra Large Sporran is the most spacious sporran designed by our master craftsmen. They’ve made it biggest it can be without altering its traditional design language and comfort its known for. The spacious form factor of the Extra Large Sporran makes it a great work bag or a handy day to day bag. With its long adjustable strap, you can wear the Extra Large Sporran as a comfortable shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

Even though it is larger than a typical sporran, it is still handy to have a bolt-on handle added to the sporran making it a large handbag. The bolt-on handle can be added to the Extra Large Sporran for just $20 and it is a very useful add-on for frequent commuters. The standard hidden magnetic faster on this sporran can be changed to a classic buckle faster to give the sporran a more secure closure to keep your valuables safely inside it.