Our Craftsmanship Guarantee

Many businesses boast of their guarantee, however, if you do a little bit of market research you will soon find out that only our small family business offers a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee based on the high quality leather and craftsmanship we use to make our beautiful handcrafted leather satchel bags. 

Saving a pretty penny here and there may feel good in the short term and opt for a lower quality satchel replica but when you think long term then you will see that our satchels give you the best value for money. When you put together our quality Leather Satchel bags, the 5-year extended craftsmanship guarantee and a little bit of upkeep on your part, our leather bags will last you a lifetime. 

Please note: The 5-year extended craftsmanship guarantee is intended to cover only the “craftsmanship” failures on our leather satchels. Find out below what is covered and not covered by our extended guarantee.

Covered by our guarantee

  • Fractured iron casting may cause the metal hardware to break. 
  • Stitching coming undone due to faulty thread tension on the lock stitches. 
  • Rivets could break making the gusset open. 
  • Due to natural flay marks on the underside of the strap it could snap.

If your Leather Satchel bag has any of the above issues or something similar you can have it shipped back to us to have it repaired or replaced at no additional cost to yourself. We make sure that the repairs are done to the highest possible quality so that the same problem does not occur again. If we are unable to repair, we will replace your Leather Satchel bag with a brand new one. 

We follow return-to-base policy (RTB) for all guarantee claims. Once repaired, we will cover postage fees for shipping it back to you. 

It is important to understand, while most issues are covered by our craftsmanship guarantee, it does not cover natural wear and tear or neglect. With time and use your Leather Satchel bag will incur wear as leather is a natural product. With proper leather care you can extend the lifespan of your leather. 

Do visit our care guide for leather care tips and tricks and check out Hanshaw’s care products for your leather bag. 

Not covered by our guarantee

  • Growth of mold on the leather due to high humidity. 
  • Marks or scratches on the satchel due to usage. 
  • The pigment cracking on points of high stress such as the buckles and fasteners. 
  • A hungry dog chewing on the leather.* 
  • Losing your satchel on the subway.* 

*Believe it or not these were some of the ways people have tried to claim our guarantee. 

It is simple to find out if your leather bag is covered by our craftsmanship guarantee. Simply ask the question, “Can the satchel still be used for its original purpose of carrying things in it?”. For instance, the leather bag cannot be used if the fastener is broken or the gusset opens up due to bad stitching.

Don’t panic if your Leather Satchel bag is not covered by our craftsmanship guarantee because we offer lifetime repair service with all products at a very reasonable price. If you have a problem with your Leather Satchel bag and it needs repairing simply contact our team using our return form.  

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