Festival Satchels

Our 8.5-inch Festival Satchel is a small compact satchel designed for the night out. Its single main compartment is the right size to store your cell phone, cardholder or small wallet and some makeup. It is a lightweight satchel that will not get in your way when you are out and about and with its long adjustable shoulder strap you can wear it crossbody or over the shoulder depending on your needs.

The best customization to add to this small satchel is the 20mm volume boost. Get the volume boost for just $20. This add-on is perfect as it will increase the depth of the satchel without ruining its principal aesthetics. The added volume is great as it gives you more space to carry a little bit more inside your Festival Satchel.

11-inch Satchels

Our 11-inch Classic Satchel is a lovely small leather bag that can be used as your everyday bag. Its main compartment and the front pocket will help with keeping your essentials organized. As it is not a large leather bag, it is also very comfortable to wear and does not really get in your way. The long shoulder strap can be adjusted to be worn crossbody or over the shoulder depending on your preference.

The standard 11-inch Satchel comes with double classic buckle fasteners that are very secure. You can, however, upgrade these classic buckle fasteners to hidden magnetic fasteners ($20) for quick and easy access to your satchel. The hidden magnetic claps are hidden behind the fastener in order not to change its classic look and feel.

12.5-inch Satchels

The 12.5-inch Satchel is the most popular satchel of them all. Its fame is thanks to its classic satchel styling cues sand size which many found to be perfect for daily use. The main compartment and the front pocket of the satchel help keep things organized. This satchel is neither too small nor too big making it very comfortable to wear for long durations of time.

The most frequently requested add-on with the 12.5-inch Satchel is the bolt-on handle. The handle is fitted on top of the front flap. As a result, the bolt-on handle does not change the classic rounded shape you typically find in a traditional satchel. The small size of 12.5-inch Satchel makes it very easy to carry it by the handle when needed.

14-inch Satchels

Our 14-inch Classic Satchel is spacious and stylish to make a lovely work or school leather bag. The satchel is designed to fit A4 size documents. You can conveniently carry a 13-inch MacBook Pro in this satchel together with other work documents or school books that you need. Its size makes it a comfortable bag to have with you.

One of the best customizations to have with this satchel is the interchangeable backpack and shoulder straps. You can add this for just $65. Its size makes it easy to wear the satchel as a backpack or wear it as a shoulder bag. Add a bolt-on handle and you have got yourself an excellent 3-way satchel.

15-inch Satchels

Our 15-inch Satchel is a great choice if you are looking for a large spacious leather bag for work or school. The 15-inch Satchel comfortably fits the most common 14-inch laptops while having plenty more space to take your work documents or school books. Even though it is a large satchel, it is still comfortable to wear and will fit right into your lifestyle.

The 15-inch Satchel is great with a full inner slip pocket customization. You can get one added for $50. The full inner slip pocket can easily store your laptop safely inside your satchel and prevent it from getting damaged by other items in your satchel. As this is a large satchel, it can get heavy so we do recommend either opting for a 38mm wide shoulder strap or a shoulder pad for some assisted comfort.

16.5-inch Satchels

Our 16.5-inch Satchel is the most spacious standard satchel in our satchel collection. It is a no-compromise satchel that is designed to be practical. Its spacious design will accommodate your large laptop, books, etc without a sweat.

The best add-on to complement the 16.5-inch Satchel is the full inner slip pocket where it is big enough to fit a large laptop. The sumptuous leather will stretch to fit your daily items perfectly. You can add this for just $60. You can get a little more from this gorgeous satchel by complimenting it with a rear outer slip pocket as well. This large satchel comes standard with a 38mm shoulder strap so that it is comfortable to wear even with a heavy bag.