Leather Backpacks

Small Portrait Backpacks

The perfect small backpack for your day to day use. Don’t let its small size deceive your eyes. It is spacious enough to carry around your most important essentials. It is perfect for children or adults - adults who like to travel light. The standard small portrait backpack can easily and comfortably be worn on your back or carried by its briefcase handle.

The small portrait backpack’s size makes it perfect for the shoulder strap add-on. You can have this customization added to your small portrait backpack for $40 so that you can wear it as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag converting it into a 3-way backpack.

Medium Portrait Backpacks

The 14-inch Medium Portrait Backpack has won the hearts of many over the years through its classic contemporary design and usability. The medium portrait backpack fits most needs with its compact construction and spacious interior which will allow you to carry your everyday items with ease. The briefcase handle, unique to its style, adds to its usability by making it easy to carry it by its handle when needed.

Most of its users found it useful to get the medium portrait backpack customized with a volume boost for $30. The added volume by increasing the overall width by 25mm made the interior more spacious allowing them to carry a bit more extra. Many students found this customization very helpful as it allowed them to carry their laptops and text and notebooks easily in the backpack.

Large Portrait Backpacks

We can without a doubt call our 15-inch Large Portrait Backpack is a backpack for everyday use without compromises. When designing this backpack our craftsmen understood, after listening to your feedback, that sometimes you just need more space because your work or school demands it. This was the solution! A large enough backpack that would comfortably accommodate everything you would need to get through your busy day. A word of caution here. This is not for everyone.

A feature commonly requested with our large portrait backpack is a full inner slip pocket which you can have added to yours for just $60. The full inner slip pocket makes easy to carry your large laptop safely inside the backpack. The leather, almost magically, will also expand with time to perfectly fit your laptop.

Mini Windsor Backpacks

The Mini Windsor Backpack is in a league of its own. It was one of the very first of our bags to have the honor of joining the British Royal Family. Its design and small stature make it very comfortable to wear on your back. Perfect for children and adults alike to use as a day to day bag to carry around your essentials.

One of the popular customizations that you can have added to the Mini Windsor Backpack is a front pocket (You can add this customization for just $30 extra). This is a very useful add-on to give the Mini Windsor Backpack some extra space where you can easily store your small tablet, cellphone, and other small goods.

Slimfit Windsor Backpacks

The Slimfit Windsor Backpack has the perfect width, height, and depth that fits most of your daily needs. Its slimmer stature makes it easy to wear as a backpack and its unique Windsor design makes it a very sexy backpack. The Slimfit Windsor Backpack is perfect to be used for school, university or work.

Every Slimfit Windsor comes standard with a bolt-on handle making it very easy to carry especially when you are commuting to work or school. You can also add a front pocket to this Windsor Backpack for an extra $70. The front pocket for the Windsor is a very useful customization that will give you some extra bit of space to carry your tablet, phone, wallet, etc.

Broad Windsor Backpacks

The largest Windsor in its range. The Broad Windsor Backpack is crafted to help you carry everything that you need in one bag. The teardrop design of the broad Windsor backpack makes it very comfortable to wear it as a backpack while carrying your most important items. The standard bolt-on handle that comes standard with the broad Windsor backpack also gives you the ability to carry it by the handle - especially useful when commuting.  

One of the most popular customizations that added to the broad Windsor backpack is a full inner slip pocket. You can now add this customization for $60. It is the perfect add-on for this broad Windsor backpack as it will help utilize the interior space more effectively by allowing you to store your laptop or important documents.

Saddlebag Backpacks

The Saddlebag Backpack is special because it exhibits a lot of fabulous curves. Whilst still being petite, because this backpack isn’t a huge oversized rucksack that makes you like your going hiking for a week, you will find the backpack is surprisingly roomy as the sumptuous leather will almost magically expand to accommodate all your stuff.

One of the most surprising and useful extra options for this backpack is that it can be fitted with a set of interchangeable backpack straps and shoulder strap (you can add this customization for just $40 extra) which allows you to wear the bag as a hip bag, just like a saddlebag - or on the back, like a traditional backpack - depending upon your style and needs for that day!