Our Return Process

Sometimes you do not find the perfect satchel in the first go. We understand it and that is why we offer a standard 28-day return policy for all qualifying orders. You might want to change the color, upgrade to a bigger size, choose a different style or it could just be that it is an unwanted gift. You can follow our 3 step return process to send it back to us.


Complete the return form


Pack and ship


Get proof of postage

Do you qualify for a return?

Where you have no other legal right to return a product and receive a refund or exchange, then you will nonetheless be entitled to return a product to us where:

  • We accept the returned product within 28 days following the date of delivery of the product.
  •  The returned product is in pristine condition which will allow us to resell the product as new. That is returning the product in its original packaging, including all straps, accessories, labels, and documents that the order was shipped in. 
  • The product has been purchased as a gift and it is unused. 
  • You have informed us during the purchase process that the product is an intended gift.

Note: When products are purchased during the holiday season as an intended Christmas gift, you have until the 20th of January of the following year to return a product back to us.

Returns Procedure

Please follow the instructions below carefully to return the product back to us correctly.

  • You can use the returns form to contact our team to apply for a return.
  • Upon authorization, you can return the product to us in its original condition by using the box it was shipped to you in and including all the straps, accessories, labels and documentation inside. If the product is damaged during transit because of packaging - i.e. leaving the straps outside which scratch the surface of the leather - then it will void the original returns agreement and you will be billed for the repair. Additionally, please include a note with your Order ID and contact details.
  • Get the proof of postage! This will act as your insurance in which case the product goes missing during transit.

Refunds and exclusions

Products that have been extensively altered - straps or gusset depths adjusted - and those that have been personalized with embossing may not qualify for a full refund or an exchange. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure of the product you are returning.

When a product is returned correctly following the terms and conditions of our returns policy, we will give you a full refund for the complete price of the product (including/excluding) the original delivery charges and (including/excluding) the cost of shipping the product to us. 

When a product is returned without a returns agreement and where you do not have any other legal right to return the product:

  • The product will not be refunded or exchanged.
  • The returned product will be kept until additional fees are paid for the re-delivery process.