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Hanshaw's Spit and Polish (Cleaner)
Hanshaw's Spit and Polish (Cleaner)
Hanshaw's Spit and Polish (Cleaner)

    Hanshaw's Spit and Polish (Cleaner)

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    Now that you have purchased a beautiful leather bag it is important to think about how to care for it. Even though leather can be as tough as nails, if not properly taken care of, it can dry, crack, stain, etc. So let’s make sure to take care of it.

    • Made especially for our leather bags.
    • Helps to keep your leather bag clean.
    • Helps to keep your leather bag moisturized.
    • Simple easy to use product.

    Taking good care of your beautiful leather bag is an essential part of its longevity. For this very reason, we developed a pair of leather care products that are specifically made to be used with our leather bags. 

    When looking after your leather bag it is important to keep in mind that the leather has natural oils and moistures. Over time the leather gets dehydrated so it is important to rehydrate the leather to keep it soft and supple. 

    The “Spit and Polish” is a cleaner that you can use to remove those tough to marks from your lovely leather bag. Use it wisely as it can change damage finish of the leather bag so it is recommended that it is only used to remove unwanted marks on the leather.

    The frequency of the use of these products depends on the use of your leather bag. If you use your leather bag daily we recommend that you clean and moisturize your bag every six weeks or so. If you use it a couple of times a week then you can do this every three months and if you only use it occasionally then at least every year. But remember not to leave a leather bag for longer than a year without any care if you love your leather bag.