Totes (Shoppers)

Mini Totes

The Mini Tote is a beautifully designed compact tote that boasts a modern design with a press studded top that helps keep the contents securely inside. The top press stud fasteners are unique to the mini tote where our craftsmen have placed three press stud fasteners, two on each corner and one center, to keep the Mini Tote closed securely.

The Mini Tote’s size is a feature favored by many, however, it is always good to have a bit of extra space. The 25 mm volume boost is the perfect customization to upgrade your mini tote with. The volume boost gives the Mini Tote the extra space that is needed to take a little more.

Landscape Totes

Our Landscape Tote is a great option for all classic tote lovers. Its shorter, wider design helps you wear it over your shoulder or carry it by your side by its handles. It is especially loved by our not so tall fans. The equally spacious design of the landscape tote makes it an excellent alternative to our popular portrait tote.

The Landscape Tote’s design also follows the traditional tote design with an open-top making it very easy to access its main compartment. It comes standard with a press stud strap fastener that goes on the top. Many of our customers have also ordered the Landscape Tote with a top-zip closure because they enjoy the added security it gives to the tote without massively changing its classic design. The zip-top can be added to the tote for $60.

Portfolio Totes

The Portfolio Tote is a modern take on our loved classic portrait tote design. It has pointy corners and it is fashioned with a pair of flat strap handles with sam brown studs that allow these straps to be adjusted to fit your daily needs. The Portfolio Tote is also fitted with a special top magnetic fastener that helps close the open top of this modern tote. A unique feature very special to this beautiful tote is its front slip pocket which can store your small tablet or mobile phone for quick and easy.

If the top magnetic fastener is not secure enough then great customization that can be added to the portfolio tote is a zipped top fastener. The zipper closure is added to the portfolio tote in a way that does not take away the look and feel of this beauty. The zipped top for the portfolio tote is perfect for commuters.

Portrait Totes

Our Portrait Tote is designed following the classic tote bag design combined with our unique design language. Its tall construction makes it a very good day to day bag making it easy to carry around your essentials. The adjustable tote handles make it easier to carry it down by your side or use it as a shoulder bag depending on your preference.

A traditional tote bag is large and often unfastened with two parallel handles attached on either side. Our Portrait Tote follows these traditional design queues but comes standard with a top press stud faster with a strap. Sometimes this is not enough to keep your belongings safely inside the tote. For those who feel the same, now you can customize this tote with a top zip closure for just $60, which is designed to blend in nicely with the totes traditional design.