Briefcases and Work Bags

11-inch Briefcase Satchels

The 11-inch Briefcase Satchel is a fabulous alternative to a small handbag that you use daily because typically, you will not find briefcase satchels in this size. The small size of this Briefcase Satchel makes it a very comfortable satchel to be worn crossbody, over the shoulder or carried by its handle. Its main compartment and the front pocket will help you organize the items in your satchel. It is quite a sexy briefcase in this smaller size.

One of the most useful customisations to get on the 11-inch Briefcase Satchel is the interchangeable backpack and shoulder straps. You can add this customization for just $45 converting your briefcase satchel into a 3-way bag that you can comfortably wear it on your shoulder, carry it by its handle or wear it on your back as a backpack. As the straps are detachable you can use the straps that you need and keep the ones you don’t you can have safely stored away.

12.5-inch Briefcase Satchels

The 12.5-inch Briefcase Satchel has won many hearts by its classic lines, reminiscent of a traditional briefcase, and the compact design that is surprisingly spacious for a small Leather bag. It can easily be your daily bag and its main compartment plus the front pocket will help keep all your items organized inside it. The 12.5-inch Briefcase Satchel is the smallest in its category to have our address card window. This is a small detail that for many, reminds of the old day school satchels.

An excellent customisation that will complement this briefcase satchel is a rear outer slip pocket that will easily store away your cellphone or cardholder for quick and easy access. Add this for just $35. You will find that the rich leather used to craft this satchel will expand to accommodate your items nice with time. Many commuters prefer the rear outer slip pocket to store their bus passes and cards for quick and easy access.

14-inch Briefcase Satchels

Our 14-inch Briefcase Satchel makes a great work or school bag as it is designed to fit A4 size documents. It is comfortable to wear by its strap or carry it by its briefcase handle. It is preferred for its size more than anything because it is neither too small nor too bulky making it a sensible choice for those who are looking for a work or a school bag. As the Briefcase Satchel is used the leather making its roomy compartments will also stretch to accommodate what you carry daily more easily.

As the 14-inch Briefcase Satchel is commonly used as a work or a school bag, it is often requested with the backpack straps. This customization can be added to the 14-inch Briefcase Satchel for $65. It converts the briefcase satchel into a stylish 3-way leather bag that you can use in your preferred way depending upon your needs of the day.

15-inch Briefcase Satchels

The 15-inch Briefcase Satchel is a large utilitarian leather bag. Its large spacious interior design is perfect for carrying in most of your daily work. It comfortably fits the most commonly used laptops and large documents or books with ease. It certainly isn’t a Briefcase Satchel for everyone but it was designed for those who require a bigger leather bag that is still easy to carry around.

There are two recommended customisations for the 15-inch Briefcase Satchel, the full inner slip pocket and a 38mm wide shoulder strap. The full inner slip pocket for the 15-inch Briefcase Satchel ($50) is a handy add-on to carry your laptop in. The luxurious leather of the slip pocket will expand overtime to give the laptop an excellent fit keeping your laptop safely inside your satchel during your daily commute.

16.5-inch Briefcase Satchels

The size of our 16.5-inch Briefcase Satchel is nothing to hide about. It is a large leather bag constructed especially for those whose work usually travels with them. It will easily fit most large 15-inch laptops and carry a few large documents or books. Our craftsmen have made it as large as possible to be able to accommodate all you carry while making sure that it is still convenient to carry.

The best add-on to compliment this huge Briefcase Satchel l is a specially made shoulder pad for its wider 38mm shoulder strap. You can have one with your briefcase satchel for $30. There is no question that this is a heavy leather bag so it is important to make it as comfortable as possible to carry.