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Hand-picked by our craftsmen especially for you. These are our craftsmen's choices.

Steve Hanshaw aka “Uncle Steve” founded The Leather Satchel Co. a little over 50 years ago. Uncle Steve was driven by a deep-rooted passion for the leather craft and spent his time creating leather products to add value to people. A journey that started around crafting with new leathers, experimenting with new techniques and satisfying new needs.

Presently, at The Leather Satchel Co. we continue to work to keep Uncle Steve’s vision alive. In this pursuit of creativity, our team builds some unique products that are completely new and sometimes give existing products a complete makeover. We thought our customers would love to see these creations in all their glory while giving us the chance to explain a little behind the story of each and to thank you, our amazing customers, who allow us to come in every day and do what we love so much.

Our passion is firmly at the center of all we do. As a small, family-owned business, we pay homage to our craftsmen who make these beautiful items, by hand, each and every day.

To our customers, from our craftsmen…

15-inch (HD Digital Tan) Space Case - Special Edition

Brand new design based on our popular Music Case. Digital HD printed with a milky way design on the body with a lovely bolt-on handle and the option to have interchangeable backpack straps and shoulder straps.

Penny Lane (HD Digital Tan) Landscape Tote - Special Edition

This tote was crafted in honor of the legendary Beatles, inspired by their famous song "Penny Lane". The print on the leather is an actual picture we took of the sign right here on Penny Lane in Liverpool.

14-inch Medium Portrait Backpack Union Jack Edition

This is a great backpack to carry all your tech devices without any compromise. Proudly wear this union jack design medium portrait backpack with its classic styling and show off your British pride.

16.5-inch Briefcase Satchel Charcoal Black with Inner Slip Pockets

This 16.5-inch briefcase satchel is crafted without the front pocket giving this satchel a deeper gusset than the standard 16.5-inch briefcase satchel. In addition, this briefcase satchel also comes with dual inner slip pockets.

15-inch Briefcase Satchel London Tan & Milk Chocolate with Rear Zip

This very special 15-inch briefcase satchel was especially crafted for traveling. It has a unique rear outer slip pocket with a zip that allows you to slip it right over your carry-on luggage.

Mini Windsor Backpack Milk Chocolate & Charcoal Black

The popular mini Windsor backpack is back with an very cool upgrade. A beautiful front pocket designed for the Windsor. Perfectly suited for carrying your small tablet device, mobile phone device or your wallet.

12.5-inch Briefcase Satchel London Tan Leather Camera Bag

Creativity comes in many forms and amongst our craftsmen we do have a few who are passionate about photography which brought about this beautiful Satchel. It is designed specifically to fit a SLR camera, lens and batteries.

14-inch Briefcase Satchel Full Grain Black Buffalo Leather

This is a very special briefcase satchel as it is made from a very special leather. This is our full grain buffalo black leather. This briefcase satchel also comes with a full inner slip pocket which is perfect to carry your laptop.

Triple Gusset Landscape Tote Tumbled Buffalo Navy Leather

Perfect work tote bag for the businesswoman. It has a triple gusset configuration that is perfect for carrying your laptop, work documents and daily essentials in one bag. This tote is also crafted in tumbled buffalo leather.

14-inch Classic Satchel Ivy League (3-Tone Colorway)

Our beautiful classic satchels are designed by after the Oxford and Cambridge leather schools satchels. The Ivy League colorway looked so beautiful that it had to be added to this by our craftsmen.

14-inch Medium Portrait Backpack Charcoal Black & London Tan

The medium portrait backpack has become increasing popular amongst students as it is a great utilitarian backpack. Our craftsmen has chosen this colorway to be added to the list.

HRH Mini Mini Tote Tumbled Buffalo Navy & Grey

Newest and the smallest member of our tote family and one of few styles to join the British Royal family. Hence the name of this special colorway - HRH Mini Mini. Perfect tote to be added into your leather bag collection.

16.5-inch Briefcase Satchel Kalen Colorway (Special Edition)

This colorway was developed by Kalan Allen famous for working with Ellen DeGeneres. The satchel has a few bells and whistles like double double front pocket and a full inner slip pocket.