Your vacation luggage in style

Travel is a great way to try new things and make precious memories. Whether youā€™re jetting off to an exotic destination or staying local this summer, everyone wants to look good while on vacation. Travel, however, can also be unpredictable, which makes narrowing down the perfect clothes to pack incredibly difficult. Luckily, you can still look good without squeezing your entire closet into a suitcase. Here are a few life hacks that will help you look effortlessly stylish wherever you decide to spend your summer.

1. Plan your Itinerary

Some people prefer a structured experience, while others enjoy winging it. Structured travel is all about making concrete plans, while those who like to go with the flow are more likely to see where the wind takes them. Unfortunately, sticking to a rigid schedule can suck the fun out of a vacation, while the risk of simply winging it can lead to you missing out on activities that require advanced planning. Instead of adopting just one travel mode, why not try blending the two? Doing some research before your trip and creating a rough itinerary can minimise the risk of things going wrong. Your itinerary will help you establish what you need to book and what can be left free. Not to mention, you can use your itinerary to help you pack. Having a general idea of the places you want to see and the activities you want to do can help you determine your daily outfits and can stop you from panic packing unnecessary clothes.

2. Strike a Balance Between 
Classic and Statement Pieces

Unless your vacation involves a lot of formal events, then the majority of your attire should be classic pieces that flatter each other. Think neutral-coloured tops that are easily mixed and matched and shorts that are versatile enough for different occasions. One or two statement pieces should be enough for drinks at a fancy bar or dinner at a nice restaurant.

3. Choose Your Bag Wisely

Leather is a harmonising material that complements a variety of clothes, and the natural aesthetic of a high-quality leather bag/purse can lend a distinctive appeal to your look. A beautiful leather piece is an excellent choice if you can only take one bag. Depending on your style, a leather bag is spacious enough for your travel essentials and can help you look well put together throughout your vacation. In particular, backpacks and satchels are an excellent choice for flights. They will leave you hands-free as you navigate a busy airport, and you wonā€™t have to lug around a cumbersome, wheeled suitcase either. With the proper leather backpack, or satchel, you wonā€™t have to fight for overhead locker space - even our massive 16.5" Briefcase Satchel is designed to fit under the seat space in front of you. Savvy travellers with excellent packing skills can use it as their main bag for weekend breaks.

The Leather Satchel Co. has a collection of travel-friendly bags to choose from, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Weā€™re delighted to undertake ā€˜size checksā€™ for specific items you want to fit inside a particular bag. All we need to know is what the item is and its measurements. We are the only satchel company that allows you to customise the capacity of your bag (adding volume boosts) and choose the perfect complement of pockets to suit your exact needs.

4. Pull Your Outfit Together 

with a Few Choice Accessories

The right accessories can complete any ensemble, so choose the best pieces for your trip. Jewellery is easy to pack and can help elevate evening attire, while belts and scarves are great for styling up outfits. In addition, accessories that you pick up on vacation make great souvenirs and can be used for future trips.

5. The FINAL SecretS to Travelling in Style

The secret ingredient to staying stylish while having a fantastic break is streamlining the experience. In other words, choose accessories that will make your trip easier. For instance, colour-coordinated passport holders with monogrammed initials can help make passport checks go quicker for large families. In addition, compact coin purses can store earphones and charging cables. This means no precious time is wasted by de-tangling wires in your baggage. Our new rectangular coin purses are ideal because it works as a minimalist wallet that you can use to carry your foreign currency and payment card. You can then keep your regular wallet in a safe place and only take around the necessities as you explore a new destination.


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