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It surely is easy for a brand to boast how amazing they are in comparison to their competition and how top-notch their customer service is. But the true judge of a company’s products or their level of customer service is simply in the hands of the customer.

One of the best and biggest independent review sites available for customers is TrustPilot (uk.trustpilot.com). It provides a platform where customers can voice their unfiltered experience with a company. What makes TrustPilot one of the best review platforms out there is that it does not allow companies to edit or filter customer reviews.

Our customers have been leaving reviews about their experience with our business, the quality of our products and the level of our customer service for years on TrustPilot.

As a token of our great service and amazing products, we were awarded the “Best in Category” for Leather-goods from all the companies in the UK in 2014 and in 2015 - titles we are extremely proud to hold to this day.

Following those awards, we have worked on letting our customers review us on few other digital platforms so that you can read about what our wonderful customers say about us on your favorite channels such as Facebook, Google or Amazon.

Here, There and Everywhere

The goodies, the bags and the not-so-ugly

For your convenience, we have compiled all our customer reviews from the various different platforms here. Rest assured that we have not edited or filtered the reviews. Good and bad, everything is recorded below.

We hope that you can understand from the occasional bad review that we are only human and that we do our best to always correct our mistakes by putting our customers and making sure that they are satisfied with our service at the end of the day.

With all the review we have included the name of the customer so that it is searchable on the relevant platform for you to verify its authenticity if need be. If you come across the occasional bad review, then we would encourage you to check the relevant platform to find out how we have responded to the customer and found the best possible solution for them.


"This bag is one of the best bags I've owned so far. It is absolutely amazing and the colour is just so beautiful. The bag shows excellent craftsmanship thank you so much for creating this bag."


"Great quality product from a company who knows what customer service is all about. Would recommend this company and their products to everybody!"

Gary M.


"Very beautifully made, strong and sturdy. It runs a tad smaller than expected but I have no doubt it will last me a very long time! Excellent customer service!"

Tehmeena Chaudhry


"Excellent customer service with great communication ensured the satchel arrived in time for Christmas. Lovely hand made product."

Mr Pearson

"Could not fault the service. Extremely pleased with my satchel it's perfect and it was beautifully wrapped."

Caroline W.

"I got a satchel for my mam as a Christmas present, it was absolutely perfect. Everything about it was made amazingly. I would defiantly recommend!!! A big Thank You"


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