Secret Society of Satchel Sniffers and Handbag Hooligans


Welcome to the covert assembly of the Secret Society of Satchel Sniffers and Handbag Hooligans! This is an exclusive owner's club designed as a hidden sanctuary for our most treasured and esteemed clients.

Membership to our club is a coveted privilege, extended strictly by invitation. By registering below, you will gain exclusive access to event updates, special offers, promotions, and insider news, delivered straight to your inbox.

We kindly request that you keep this registration form confidential, sharing it solely with those whom you are certain are existing owners.

In addition, our club offers the unique opportunity to connect and network with other satchel and handbag enthusiasts, gain sneak peeks at upcoming collections, and even participate in the creation and improvement of our beloved products through exclusive feedback sessions. Welcome to our circle of trust and passion, we can't wait to share this journey with you.


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